Are You Scared of Failure?

In this post I am going to go through some of the reasons behind people being scared of failure. Some people do not even know they are scared of failure, instead it manifests itself in many different ways, such as:

  • The person who procrastinates, maybe they do so because they are scared of failure.
  • The person who never starts a project, is that because they fear it will fail?
  • The person that talks down everyone/thing around them, is that because they are scared of failure themselves?

As part of your mindset you do not want to be scared if failure, otherwise what will you achieve in life? You need to take the bull by the horns, battle that negative thought process until you understand; it is only you standing in the way between standing at the side lines and success!

Scared of Failure?

Let’s get this straight, there is no such thing as failure. Many people have had bad experiences and then quit at the next hurdle. A ‘failure’ should be called a ‘learning experience’ instead.

You also do not want to associate your learning experience with negative words that in turn kill your ambition, demoralise you and may give a bad reflection upon yourself. The latter, also tarnishes how possibly your client(s), potential/current employer or JV partner view you.
So look at that learning experience, ditch the negative and find the positive that came out of it. What did you learn from it? Where did it lead you?

On the other hand, you could just be plain scared of failing full stop. Have a go! My proof in that is the shoulder injury I gained from jumping my mountain bike earlier this year. And here I am writing a blog post that I know currently hardly anyone is reading (prove me wrong by leaving a comment at the end Haha!) At least I’m trying…and I’ll try that jump again one day as I learnt from the experience last time.
Failure my arse!

Scared of The Past?

Do not be afraid because of unsuccessful experiences in the past.
They are just that; the past.
Hopefully you have learnt from the past and you are now living the present that defines your future!

We have all been there I’m sure, kicking ourselves for something we did or did not do in the past. I know I have, some actions of mine have set me back years! The way I look at it is; I would not be where I am now and I would not know what I know now, if I hadn’t took that path.

Scared of Change?

Do not be afraid to change as a person or changes in your environment.

Almost everyone of you who reads this should be able to relate to that sentence if you look at your life. Did you worry when moving schools? About getting your first job? Or even when you split from a partner? Many people fear the changes each of those subjects bring and if they will then cope with the changes.

As I write this draft to this post (old school handwritten way in a black book by the way), my girlfriend Loo rang me to say she has picked up some wood for our stove. “What does wood have to do with change Stu?” I hear you asking…
Well Loo really hates winter, but she loves having the fire going and curling up in a warm toasty room with the logs burning and the flames flickering in the living room. So as much as she hates the cold dark nights (as do I), we have found a positive that comes with it.
So I say, look for the positives in every change rather than letting it get you down.

Other Scared People

Do not let other people make you doubt yourself. Follow your intuition, aim for the top, climb the mountain, reach for the stars and dream big!

There is nothing I personally find more irritating than a person who does not encourage another fellow to excel themselves. I say do yourself a favour, as long as you are not negatively affecting anyone else, tell such people to politely keep their opinions to themselves. If you surround yourself with naysayers, it really is time for; out with the old, in with the new 😉 Just because they are scared of failure, do not let it rub off on you!
As long as you are not betting your last penny on a dead horse, do not listen to a word these people have to say!

I know personally that I have had to deal with all of the above at some point, and will continue doing so. I believe it is how you handle the situation in your head that is a great key to life.

Your mindset is very important and when you realise how important it is, that will mean the difference between success and another ‘learning experience’.

Have you ever been scared of failure, and if so, what have you done to encourage and motivate yourself?

Stu 🙂

4 Responses to Are You Scared of Failure?
  1. loo
    October 29, 2010 | 11:14 am

    Reading during my lunchtime at work .
    Firstly thanks for the mention and the positive portrayal 🙂
    .. and believe it or not I find your musings and thoughts very insightful, thought-provoking and they encourage me to keep on setting myself challenges and keep on trying to do all the things that sometimes I think I can’t.
    An interesting read !

    • Stuart
      October 29, 2010 | 11:29 am

      And let me introduce Loo my ever supportive girlfriend to any of my readers 🙂

  2. Brian Lyle
    October 29, 2010 | 1:44 pm

    “Trouble, like the hill ahead, flattens out as you advance upon it.” As a cyclist, you’ll know what I mean!

  3. Sue Portman
    October 30, 2010 | 2:44 pm

    Totally true Stuart – my favourite sentiment is ‘you only fail when you give up’. Other than that, yes, it’s all learning opportunities!

    I think the most common stumbling block is often a lack of self-belief, and as you’ll know, my dreams this week have been betraying a bit of a wobble on my own path! I seem to be back on track, but playing a bit of catch up.

    It’s important not to underestimate the effect that the people around you can have on your fear levels – most people do not ‘believe’ that they can step up and achieve, and therefore they don’t believe that you can either, so they doubt and undermine… it can be a very powerful dampener.

    Fact is, success, achievement and abundant income are not earned by people sprinkled with fairy dust – they manifest in the lives of those who take the right actions, learn the right lessons, have the right ideas and seize the day!

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