Blogging With A Passion

Over time there has been a re-occuring saying amongst the gurus I have followed who talk about blogging and internet marketing, and that is to commit to a marketplace that you are passionate about. It may completely make sense to many of you out there, whereas some of you may initially start a blog where the money is (or believe it to be), or you see someone else doing well in their chosen subject and try to follow in their footsteps.

The trouble is when you start a blog based on factors other than passion then you run the risk of not coming across as authentic. Your readers (who are passionate about your chosen niche/topic) will see (or read) straight through you. Then there is also the other big no-no; which is writing for SEO because you are thinking that doing so will equal more traffic and then more money. The fact is your potential readers will will find your writing sounds repetitive and quite frankly, lame.

As Scott Stratten rightly said in a tweet:

No one spreads a boring blog post cause it's keyword rich. Write awesome first, then SEO
Scott Stratten

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Choosing A Blogging Subject

My personal opinion is when you start blogging, pick a subject that is the love of your life. Ask yourself “What am I passionate about?” I have reasons for this as follows:

  • You are more likely to get started again if you go through a tough patch when writing/developing content.
  • You already have knowledge, so no delay in learning first and then having to develop content.
  • You may already have contacts in the industry.
  • Your writing will more likely flow naturally and sound exciting.

Of course there are times when you just have to blog, and you may not have a choice because you are having to blog for an employer or your own business. In this case I just hope you have some grit to come up with compelling content if you do not like the line of work you are having to write about 😉 But don’t be fooled, even blogging about your passion can become tiresome at times for many a writer.

Planning Your Blog Posts

In all cases I suggest writing down a list of topics/ideas that you can write about and then planning out a calendar of when you want to publish each post. You may find using a plugin such as Editorial Calendar Plugin for WordPress handy for providing some insight into how many posts you have ready to be published. It would help keep things consistent and forecast where you have gaps if you are dedicated to say writing a post a day/every other day/week/fortnight/month…

As you can tell, so far I don’t follow my own advice, but if you want a successful blog then I’m sure you can see sense in planning ahead Hehe!

I Have No Passion!

Sure you do, you just don’t know what it is yet!

Many people start multiple blogs before they land one that is where their passion lies. There is nothing wrong with testing the waters. Yeah maybe you will lose a couple of quid on a domain and a few months hosting, hell I think you could spend money on a lot worse. Just cut yours loses and move on so you don’t waste time though if you find you really can’t stand the thought on writing for the chosen topic.

Try this for size; pick a subject, think of ten posts, write them. If you have more ideas and the creative juices are still flowing after writing these ten posts, then I guess you may have a subject that you could be passionate about.
It is all about how you feel at the end of the day.

Do you write a blog, and if so is it your passion, for business or a cause you believe in?

Best wishes

Stuart 🙂

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