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Facebook starts rolling out ‘Promote This Post’


It’s been forthcoming for a long time…┬áNo, not this blog post! Well yes, I guess that too… No, what I mean is the day I look at my Facebook profile and ask myself “What am I still doing here?” Yesterday after work I sat mostly with my phone scrolling up and down their stupid timeline…

How To Create A Twitter Account & Get It Right First Time!

Setting Up A Twitter Account Correctly

So you have joined Twitter at last! Welcome to the party! Now you want to make your first tweet and start following people yeah? STOP!! Have you done all the simple steps I am about to show you so your account is in order and is presentable for your potential followers? There is no later…

10 Ways To Gain More Twitter Followers!

10 Ways To Gain More Twitter Followers

I’ve been using Twitter for nearly three years now, and of course in that time many people have written about ways of increasing your followers. Many have tried selling automated software that follow people and then unfollows if they do not follow back, and there is also the idea that you should follow back everyone…