Cats rule and dogs drool

This blog post is rather personal today. I’m currently sat in the waiting room of the vets waiting for the results of a blood test for our dear cat, Nancy.

She had a fit Monday evening at my feet and I thought she was going to die there and then. I had seen my girlfriend’s dog Murphy have many fits at the end of his days with us, but this was a real shock and I felt utterly helpless as it carried on.

So depending on the results in the next 15 minutes, which will determine if her kidneys are working, we will play God if there is no improvement and ‘make the hard decision’ that pet owners so often feel they have to take.

I have no issue with playing God. Loo and I have both decided that it would be unfair for her to have another fit, and being diagnosed with kidney failure at 17 years old whilst diabetic means there is not much else we can do. Something that still bugs me is we play God and make ‘informed decisions’ for an animals life, but yet why do we let a fellow human suffer, die in pain and without dignity? I’m still yet to understand this and don’t think I ever will….

At this point I’m now sat back home minus our beloved Nancy cat. The cat that as Loo said ruled all other pets she had, including our recent puppy additions, a Deerhound Shadow and Whippet x Saluki Flicka. Even though Shadow was 10x her size, she still told him who was boss.

Here’s to you Nancy x

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  1. Looloo
    February 10, 2011 | 7:47 am

    Thanks stu 🙂 you bought a tear to my eye but I have such special memories of her that I need to share.
    She is a “one off” I have been overwhelmed by the people who have said she was special and someone even saying that she was the first cat that they actually liked. She was named after a dear friends (bobbie) mother. The original nancy was kind and compassionate and loved animals. She had passed away shortly before I got nancy.
    She was also born on the day that my first dog – the amazing moonbase – died.
    I agreed to have her as I could not bear to have another dog and yet within a month I had two jack russell pups. I was very apprehensive the day she came home and remember the time looking out of a bedroom window when each pup had a hold of one end of her ! She survived that and went on to become boss cat regularly swiping the dogs across the nose with her paw and cleaning theirs and molliepuss’s as she thought necessary.
    She was impossible to give worming tablets to and yet endured her insulin injections with no fuss at all .
    She used to love coming out and joining in with the dog walks when I lived next to woods .. It was impossible to go without her . If we left her behind she would rush out the cat flap at the back and circle around and catch us up .
    She definitely welcomed stu into her family and loved to sit by him whilst he did pc stuff and loved to groom him :-D. Last year she took a trip with us down to cornwall and I was so proud of how she behaved for the weekend.
    Thank you to everyone that has loved her over the years and to everyone that has cat sat and helped me care for her . I miss her

  2. Brian Lyle
    February 10, 2011 | 8:52 am

    Thanks, Stu, for your beautiful thoughts about Nancy. To many folk, such pets are just something that come in, eat, and sleep in the corner, or more likely just where they are in the way the most! But, as you know, we have two cats that adopted us a few years ago, and have become part of the family. They have individual whims and foibles, and very much their own personalities. We know that the worst thing about keeping pets is that they don’t live as long as you do, and to be honest, we’re dreading that day. So believe me, I know just how you and Looloo feel. It’s always hard to imagine it, but the day soon comes when you look back on their antics and laugh. But it will come, and you will have many lovely moments with your memories.

  3. Sue Portman
    February 10, 2011 | 11:04 am

    Love cats, hate it when they go 🙁

    Thoughts and hugs with you both. Brings back thoughts of our old cats and fun they brought with them.

    When our older cat died, the other one was very very odd for a couple of days, not coming in, not wanting to be near anybody. Just like she knew, even though he went while he was at the vets. They are psychic creatures and amazing companions. xx

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