Is Your Business Missing All The Right Ingredients?

Are You Missing All The Right Ingredients?My girlfriend and I went to a restaurant this evening that had newly opened in our city. The service by the waitress was fine, but they had ran out of a number of ingredients on the menu which strictly limited her choice. When I asked my girlfriend when we got home what she thought of her starter, she couldn’t honestly tell me. She could not differentiate between the poor service they had provided by mismanaging their stock levels (because that what was what it boiled down to) and if the food was actually any good!

Poor Service Tarnishes A Good Product

If you have a problem area, rectify the situation as soon as possible because it affects the whole experience for your customer. It does not matter how good the end product is, if there are issues along the way that your customer does not expect then the overall experience will get tarnished.

Expect the unexpected, put plans in place for when you do have failures and identify your weaknesses.

For anyone interested; we went to Giraffe straight afterwards and ordered two of our favourite drinks and a bowl of edamame beans. So all’s well that ends well 😉

What do you think the right ingredients are for running a successful business?

Photo credit: B Rosen

One Response to Is Your Business Missing All The Right Ingredients?
  1. Looloo
    June 7, 2011 | 2:57 am

    I have to say that i return to places because of the right combination of good product and good service. There is no point going out for good food somewhere that the service is bad .. and likewise if the service is good but the food bad – pointless , might as well stay in and eat. I can say that so far we have always had excellent food and service at Giraffe and that is why today I recommended them to a friend at work that had never been before .

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