Make A Routine & Stick To It!

I am terrible at this! Routine is not one of my greatest strengths, I recently got made permanent so I’m obviously capable 😉 But at home is another story…

I get up, I may have a shower first or skip and go straight to the kettle for coffee, then I’ll take a shower.

Maybe I will start writing a blog post, maybe I won’t.

So I need to start working this out better I have decided and put my work head on at home with regards my blogging for 2011. I think the following tips (a.k.a. thoughts lodged in my head) may help even some of you out there.

Plan Ahead

If you have no structure to your day/week/month then you will not be able to move forwards and make progress. You need to be a robot and start programming yourself and start taking control.

Write Your Plan Down

No point in planning anything unless you are going to write it down, it will only get lost in that busy head of yours (I know it does in mine).
It can be a task list by the side of your PC, in a calendar, in a diary, in your phone, on a whiteboard… Just not on scraps of paper as they get misplaced or forgotten about! Just find a solution that works for you. If at first it does not work, switch tactic!

Ask For Help

Never be afraid to admit your weakness, well at least not with those you can trust anyway.
Ask your partner, business partner, close friend, etc. to encourage you. They should know you well enough that you may need a bit of guidance. Make yourself accountable to them and you should see a vast improvement in your productivity.

Lock Away Your Toys

Own a PlayStation? An XBox? A Wii? Do you have a favourite website to waste time on?

Simple solution and I am sure you know what I am about to tell you… Do not use any of them until you have completed your task(s) for the day!
Once done, only then reward yourself with some Call of Duty action.
(Stuart, start listening to yourself!)


A week/month down the line take a look back and see if your plan is working.

Are you keeping to the timetable you have planned?
Are you dragging your heels getting your workload done?
Do you not have the passion to do the work? If yes, then what is blocking your way?

You need answers, and honest ones at that if you have not progressed at all from when you started your plan of action.

Any thoughts yourself on ways of sticking to a routine?

Stuart 🙂

2 Responses to Make A Routine & Stick To It!
  1. Ricardo Bueno
    December 3, 2010 | 9:19 pm

    I’m really bad at routine when it comes to the home. When it comes to the office and work on the other hand, I have a system (somewhat) nailed down 🙂

    I time-block tasks and set goals daily/weekly/monthly so I know what needs to get done and so that I can track my progress.

    • Stuart
      December 7, 2010 | 10:12 am

      Thank you for your comment Ricardo and sorry for my delay in replying!

      I’m certainly going to get a system in place to complete tasks I do that distract me from writing blogs. I have about two/three drafts that I just need to sit down and complete Haha!

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