Why You Should Allow Comments On Posts…

Are you thinking should you allow blog comments or not? Read why I say “Yes to blog comments!”

Blogging With A Passion

So you want to write a blog…now you just need to choose a subject right?

Wiki Description Oops-a-daisy!

Wiki has some correcting to do when describing an American Black Bear in Google.

Make A Routine & Stick To It!

I am terrible at this! Routine is not one of my greatest strengths, I recently got made permanent so I’m obviously capable 😉 But at home is another story…

How To Be Positively Awesome (Video)

A superb video by a blogger called Neil Pasricha, talking about what he calls “The 3 A’s of Awesome”

Are You Scared of Failure?

In this post I address people’s mindset. Failure is not an option…

WordPress Plugins I Install

Never installed a WordPress plugin before? Find out which plugins I always install on any new site and also a video showing how simple it is!

5 Basic Tips For Networking

5 basic tips to help you when attending a social networking event.

My First Networking Event

Sounds very Fisher Price that title, but maybe every parent should think about getting their son/daughter signed upto one as they grow older. What better skill is there to encourage and nuture than face-to-face communication?

Starting A WordPress Blog

My brain dump of how I go about installing WordPress and selecting a host and theme. Call it a Guide To Installing WordPress, but I wouldn’t go quite that far.