The Power of Desire – A Lion Man & An Inventor

Power of DesireDo you have a desire? Do you desire something so badly that your heart aches from it and it fills up your day as you constantly think about it? The following musings come from reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

What do Tony Fitzjohn and Edwin C. Barnes have in common? They both had the desire to meet and work with men they had only read about and had no social relevance with!

In the first chapter of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, he describes how Edwin C. Barnes makes a definite decision to meet the inventor Mr. Thomas Edison. Barnes is but a tramp (as Edison later describes him when recalling their first meeting), but this desire to meet and work with Mr. Edison drives him.

Last year I read an article about Tony Fitzjohn as he was releasing an autobiography about his work as a wildlife conservationist in Africa. He used a statement that struck a chord with the attitude of Mr. Barnes when describing how he was to meet his future mentor George Adamson.
To quote from that article in the British newspaper, the Daily Mail:

…at the age of 27, I decided to travel to Kenya in search of adventure.

I was bewitched by the country’s beauty and, inspired by reading George’s autobiography Bwana Game, I resolved to meet him.

Having made a definite decision both Barnes and Fitzjohn then had what Napoleon Hill calls ‘a burning desire’ to meet with their future co-worker and mentors.

If you make no decision, you have no desire. If you have no desire, you take no action and, in turn, nothing happens!
You can not expect your life to change positively if you lack desire. Just be sure that what you desire is something positive and has no negative attachment that will cause failure in any form.

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