5 Tips For Leadership In Your Marketplace

Recently I saw a car bumper sticker that had the following printed on it:

“What would Jesus do?”

It got me thinking about who Jesus was and what he did from the stories we are told of him through the Bible.

I’m not religious, but I think Jesus is a great example of a leader and showed the following five qualities that we must all consider if we want to become leaders in our marketplace.

1. Share Information

Share everything you know and learn!

Do not hold back from providing all the information you can to help others. What good is it stored away in your head?

2. Care About Your Followers

Care for those around you, no matter who they are.

A leader must also show compassion when needed, you are human after all too!

3. Lead By Example

Being a leader means practising what you preach.

Show your followers the way by doing the very same things you ask of them.

4. Be Honest

“Honesty is the best policy” as the saying goes.

If you want to become a leader your followers will expect you to be honest in everything you say and do. You only have to look at the failed careers of dishonest public figures to see this.

5. Build Trust

Can people trust your advice?

Could they trust to ask you a question and for you to give them the answers, or at least provide some guidance? Can they trust that what you sell is what they need? People will especially trust you more if you share, care, lead by example and give yourself honestly.

What other tips would you share for people wanting to lead their marketplace? Please leave them in a comment below!

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