10 Ways To Gain More Twitter Followers!

10 Ways To Gain More Twitter FollowersI’ve been using Twitter for nearly three years now, and of course in that time many people have written about ways of increasing your followers. Many have tried selling automated software that follow people and then unfollows if they do not follow back, and there is also the idea that you should follow back everyone who follows you.
Neither of those ideas rub well with me. They do not come across as being authentic, which is what I’d rather be known for.

The following tips are from my own experiences and you can either love them or hate them, but I highly recommend you try them, as I have seen results using them all. I’m quite proud to state that I have gained a small following of over 3000 at my @iLoveTrance account without any serious effort. As I blog more here and interact with other Twitter users I am also seeing a slight increase at my @StuartWooster account.

How Do I Gain Twitter Followers?

I don’t remember using Twitter when I first started my @StuartWooster account in August 2008, but when I started @iLoveTrance in January 2009 I was very much interested in gaining followers. My main method then was to find people using the words “trance music” or “trance” when used in context. I followed such people in the vain hope they would follow me back. Bad boy Stu!

I think the following methods are much more natural and I wish I had started using these methods at the time, so here we go…

1. Use a photo of yourself!
I don’t personally do this on my @iLoveTrance account (thought I’d better admit that now before getting shot down in flames), but I wouldn’t think of doing anything else with my personal account @StuartWooster or one that I expect myself to be closely affiliated with. People like to see the person behind the tweets and as it is a communication tool, what better than a face attached to the words?

2. Search for people in the same marketplace.
Using the search function within Twitter or your favourite Twitter client (I use TweetDeck), look for people using keywords that relate to your marketplace. You can do one of two things, follow them like I did initially with my @iLoveTrance account, or the better option, engage with them if they have something interesting to say.

3. Tweet keywords!
I don’t mean spam keywords in every tweet, but naturally fit them in with your tweets as and when they deserve to be placed there. People then using the search function themselves will find your tweets and be interested to find out more about yourself.

4. Engage!
Engage with your followers, peers, influential people, the almighty Gods, everyone! If you don’t say hello then who knows you are there? People have busy timelines (and lives), so you need to put yourself out there. Which leads to…

5. Tweet often.
You need to contribute often to become valuable. You need to become a valued Twitter friend, you need to be missed when you don’t tweet. Tweet at least once a day so you are always there for your lovely followers 😉 But…

6. Give value!
If you aren’t giving value than what are you there for? Speaking gibberish and spamming out affiliate links all day? Get out of here!! Your followers will not grow unless what you are giving them is true value. If you do so your followers may just do the following…

7. Use the retweet function.
You may expect people to retweet your great words across Twitter, but you can also show the people you follow some retweet love. If someone produces some work or says something that you thought was great (valuable) for whatever reason, be sure to share it. They may then follow you, or they may return the favour retweeting yourself and gain you some new followers in the process. Just apply No.6 before you set about retweeting people for the sake of it though!

8. Use hashtags.
A hashtag for those who do not know is when a word is appended to the # sign, such as #cookies. This is an easy way to search for content relevant to the word rather than finding random tweets about people eating cookies before going to bed. Typically a blog that talks about cookie recipes would use this function to make their tweet easier to find.

9. Use #followfriday aka #ff hashtag
The FollowFriday hashtag is used as a way of saying to your followers “Hey these are cool people, check them out!” Quite often people will say thanks openly in a way that their followers can see them doing so or retweet your Tweet when you recommend them. Again apply No.6 applies here, do not recommend anyone you hardly know, you are after all endorsing that person to your followers.

10. Get a badge on your website/blog!
Very simple, when a person visits your site make it very obvious that they can also connect with you via Twitter. Mine is at the top right of each page with the ‘t’ logo that is recognised by Twitter users.

Bonus Tip: Get personal.
You are not a robot. Tell them a little about your day. I steer clear of “Having food, bath and bed.”, but just something that is happening in your life helps them connect to No.1 (your face as the picture) and the fact that you are human. You have a story to tell that goes beyond your business, whatever that may be, and it is worth letting them see that.

Thanks for reading, and it goes without saying, if you enjoyed this post, please consider following me at Twitter.

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2 Responses to 10 Ways To Gain More Twitter Followers!
  1. Jeff Goins
    May 16, 2011 | 5:33 pm

    #1 is huge and so often overlooked. Great list – thanks for sharing it!

    • Stuart
      May 16, 2011 | 6:20 pm

      Thanks Jeff!

      No.1 is certainly huge and as mentioned I don’t currently use my face on the one account. Partly that was because I wanted to build the brand initially.
      I recently changed the logo and now everyone is getting use to that I will look at incorporating a fun shot. Something such as me holding a cardboard cut out of the logo and get a good photographer involved taking it at a club night.

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