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My first post on this site I discussed what blog platform I use, the host provider I select and what theme I use. If you have not had a read, I suggest you do if new to WordPress…


In this post I will discuss the plugins that I install on my blogs.

What Are WordPress Plugins and Why Do I Want Them Installed?

WordPress Plugins are something you install to add extra features to your site, both for yourself and your readers. They can be found for free or you may have to pay for some.

To start describing what they do would take forever, because they are so diverse. They can show your readers photos, allow them to share your post on social networking sites, edit their comments after posting one…the list is endless! They also help with how you run your blog and the following list is ones I install as soon as I start a WordPress site.

List of WordPress Plugins I Install

This is a spam filter which is installed already. You will need to get an API Key from WordPress.com (not to be confused with WordPress.org) to activate it (which you can then use on any other WordPress installation in future).

Permalink Redirect
Stops you from creating duplicate URLs, which is frowned upon by the search engines. I instantly switch on redirecting the homepage and the FeedBurner address.
Find this plugin here.

All In One SEO Pack
The most highly recommended SEO plugin available to WordPress users. If you are not using this then don’t expect fast results and being able to beat your competition in the SEO game!
Find this must have plugin here.

WP Super Cache
This helps the pages for your readers load faster. This is particularly useful when your blog grows and has many pages and users visiting.
Find this plugin here.

Google XML Sitemaps
This helps search engines index your blog, not just Google it must be noted! You will want this to help your SEO efforts.
Improve your SEO chances by clicking here.

WP DB Backup
Simply backs up your database so you can reinstall your WordPress blog using phpMyAdmin (found at your hosts control panel) when the shit hits the fan.
Back-up your blogsite using this!

No Self Pings
Does what it says on the tin, stops your blog pinging itself when you link one post to another. You could stop this by simply refusing the ping request in your WordPress Dashboard, but this stops it dead in its tracks allowing you to make a cup of tea instead.
Find time to make a brew here.

Pretty Link
This lets you create your own URL using your domain name and track how many clicks it gets. Nice plugin to use if you want a simple way of finding out how effective a comment left on another blog was for example.
Find this plugin here.

There is an awesome blog post that describes in detail the plugins to install I mention above and also some security issues that you can fix, click the link to read and implement what is suggested on the following post:


You will notice that it mentions installing ‘Feedburner Feedsmith’ and ‘Google Analytics For WordPress’. As WooThemes provide these functions built into their theme I do not find I need to.

How To Install A WordPress Plugin

For anyone who has never installed a WordPress plugin before please watch the video below to find out how…

Hope you found this all useful and I will be dedicating some further posts to individual plugins that I believe deserve a post of their own. Are there any plugins that you recommend adding?

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Stuart 🙂

2 Responses to WordPress Plugins I Install
  1. Ricardo Bueno
    December 3, 2010 | 9:21 pm

    Good list. I can think of a few that I can add to mine:

    Never used Pretty Links so I’ll have to check that one out…

  2. Stuart
    December 7, 2010 | 10:29 am

    Hi Ricardo,

    I recommend finding Version 1.4.50 of Pretty Link. WordPress made some changes about link cloaking rules. I can’t remember the finer details but it did mean Pretty Link released a new version so it was still listed in the plugins list of WordPress but it no longer worked the same.

    Another nifty plugin is 1-click Retweet/Share/Like by LinksAlpha. As you can see in my posts you get the buttons for your readers to share to other sites.
    I advise also getting the PuSHPress plugin that works alongside it for automatically posting to your social networks as soon as you publish a blog post.

    Thanks once again for stopping by! 🙂

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